When being raised in upper middle class or upper class  one never is given the chance to see what is going on in the world or what the world is to begin with. Its mostly going to school trying to learn a uniform curriculum, coming back, eating, nagging about how difficult life is while doing homework, a small argument or a good chit chat with family & friends and back to sleep. The same routine carries on, schools change into colleges & colleges change into universities and universities changes to work place. Every system has a routine a structure & one can’t step out of that decided structure.  That is just a routine followed by half of the world.

Now let us talk about the other half of the world: “One comes back all smiles that today my kids will not sleep on an empty stomach yesterday was very hard. My daughter is so ill may be eating well today will help her recover faster, when will my wife come back home? I really hope she went to as many houses as she could for cleaning so we can get painkillers for our little princess, i wish i could send my kids to school i don’t want them to have the same fate, today was a good day though all i had to do was sweep the whole office building instead of cleaning every single room individually this way i got to spend more time with my family, its just 10pm and i am home Thank God for everything.

Felt the difference yet? Its very black & white when it comes to how hard life is if one is not born privileged. We talk about how we want to bring a difference & can’t even bare the thought of our children sitting on the floor. We talk about how education is compulsory but we forget to highlight the fact “YOU WILL ONLY GET INTO A GOOD SCHOOL IF YOU HAVE MONEY”. Ok then the less privilege can turn to the Government schools & colleges, since they have lesser fee. Oh wait there is just this small problem a good government based institution has a quota system & a merit list. Ok then one can turn to that college down the road it seems nice. The first day the teacher doesn’t show up, the condition is pretty beat but that doesn’t matter at least i will get a degree. What then? What fate will the child with a degree from an average government have? Fine if the child is very bright, there is a chance that they will get in a very good university on scholarship but are all children the same? Do they learn or function the same way? The thought of how hard life is for children out there who were not born with a golden spoon in there mouth just depresses me.

When did education become so limited? All about class & standard? A few books can decide an individuals career? When did schools, colleges & universities become status symbols? When did schools started paying more attention to getting designer uniforms for there students, instead of putting the same money in another child’s future? When did education get confined to a few books? It devastates me how we not just as a country but as an entire human race have failed. Education has never been about getting some where big, it has been about raising awareness.

My motto is not to make a statement but to persuade everyone to just think for 5 minutes.

“Sky school system” a beautiful reflection of whats written above, they are helping to create awareness in young boys so they can become our tomorrow and bring about the change that will make this world a better place for generations to come. After all one man can make a difference. The fact that Sky School System is not just aiming for character building they are aiming to educate but to paint their students with social awareness, the difference between right & wrong above all the basic foot steps of becoming a better human being. This school does not focus on implementing but improvising, creating art out of a child’s flaws because the aim is not perfection, aim is to create awareness. We all start as plain canvases, its our family &  teachers who then paint morals, ethics, manners, awareness on us. So a better start will lead to a better future for this country because at the end of the day we can all some how manage to earn bread & butter but the one who puts forward new ideas to bring change & open new roads towards a better quality of life has actually not just made a career out of it but layed foundation to do so for many others.

-Fizzah Arif Rizvi